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Meet the Staff of Birmingham Broker

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Craig Westbrook - Founder and Owner

205-716-1269 - bhambroker@gmail.com

Craig Westbrook, Founder and Owner Before venturing out into small business ownership, Craig's career was in Residential New Construction Real Estate. Craig decided to make his luxury car passion a career when the real estate market experienced major changes in June of 2007 and has never looked back. It wasn't a surprise to friends and family when Craig chose his love for automobiles as his career. He had been brokering high-end vehicles for many years as a hobby. Craig's interest developed at a young age, through growing up in a family of Porsche drivers which sowed the seed for him to be smitten with European cars. "When I worked in real estate we sold over 150 houses per year. Not one of those sales made me smile like selling one car does." Craig Westbrook

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Keith Pilston - Sales

205-578-0545 - keith@bhambroker.com

Keith came to us from a very different background than most of our team but has quickly not only acclimated but dove right in to the industry. He is a Birmingham native and has a 6 year old son. Keith joined our team after founding 2 local tech startups and has become an integral part of the team while taking on varied roles throughout Birmingham Broker. During his time with us Keith has worked diligently to further streamline our processes; this provides you the customer with the very best quality while the rest of the team also assures you receive the best pricing. 

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Wayne Whitfield - Detailer


Wayne Whitfield has a lot of knowledge about automotive detailing – 44 years’ worth! When other detailers back down from a job, he steps up. Having spent time at other dealerships and shops, including 15 years at Crown Automobiles, Wayne brings us his expertise and touch when it comes to bringing the shine back to exotic and everyday vehicles. Computers and equipment have changed over the years, but Wayne’s techniques are timeless. He works hard; he says the most satisfying part of his job is stepping back and getting that “ahh” moment after finishing a car. When you learn from Wayne, you will never wash a car the same way ever again.

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